Gott Nytt År Allihopa

Hej Fina,

I’ve spent the past week soaking up the atmosphere of Stockholm and I can officially say it’s one of the most magical cities I have ever visited. The multi-coloured buildings tower over head without being intimidating and the most fashion forward people I have ever set eyes on walk the streets below the term beautiful people would not be out of place.IMG_0171

Celebrating New Year in Stockholm is an experience not to be missed. New years eve morning i discovered the waffle maker in the hotel (it’s a delicacy with cream and strawberry) which was divine and the of course we took a walk to Drottninggatan (in Stockholm’s shopping district) where all the best shops lay waiting for the hungry shopper.Being New years Eve they closed early however, it gave me time to research the best place to celebrate New Year’s which was Skansen.IMG_0215IMG_0213


We made our way to skansen which seemed far on the map but really was in walking distance we walked past the harbour and across the waterfront of Ostermalm it really was a magical experience as the celebrations had started around 7pm and finished around 2am which continious fireworks lighting up the sky it was phenomenal.IMG_0196IMG_0236

Skansen was definately the place to be as by day its an open air museum to show how the Swede’s used to live and was th perfect backdrop for welcoming in 2013. With Carola Haggkvist performing and many other amazing singer’s the concert complemented the illuminated sky. As the clock struck 12 the atmoshpere was alive the crowd was bursting with excitment of the year to come.

What amazed me the most was the atmoshphere throughout the whole celebration everybody had smiling faces even though the weather was brisk and surely below freezing the smiles remained strong even on the walk back to the hotel hoards of people roamed the streets with a charming laughter that propeled across the whole city.


To sum up it was absolutely magical and i wish to be taken back pronto!

puss och kram

Jasmine x


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