I ate Rudolph!! Wait… What?

Hej Hej,

It is official I’ve eaten reindeer and surprisingly I actually liked it. I had heard that it was avaliable to eat in Sweden because it’s a delicacy however, I never really imagined myself trying it nevertheless, I did and in the best way possible, as I was sitting in a quaint little traditional Swedish restaurant in Gamla Stan on Stora Nygatan it was presented with port/congac sauce, lingonberries and a potato type cake. It was exceptional but the downside is I didn’t get a picture of it unfortunately.

Moving on to other food I tried in Stockholm. On the first night I arrived and just wanted to relax in the wonderful city (which felt so welcoming), so we unpacked our bags in the hotel and set out to find a restaurant (and we definately picked well) it was an Italian restaurant down an offshoot street in Södermalm. Now i’m not a mushroom lover however, the truffle and cognac macaroni with shredded fillet beef was divine it surprised me and left me thinkging that my tastebuds must be maturing…

not altogether though as when I wasn’t eating the exquisite meals avaliable in the multiple restaurants scattered around Stockholm I was popping into the nearest 7 eleven to buy the odd energy drink e.g Femme boost and the Svenska Vitamin well water alongside this came a few sugary goodies such as a lovely pastry which I didn’t catch the name of20130108-194728.jpg




One thing that I was surprised about is the Swedish love of liquorice and to our surprise it came with a little extra something a salty substance which we just couldn’t warm up to. I even had the chance to taste a liquorice lolly which was very interesting.


overall the food was extremely tasty and apart from the liquorice lolly there was nothing that i disliked (unusual for me).

Puss och kram

Jasmine x







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