Jag älskar dessa snygga Scandanavians

Hej finaste du,

I’m a huge lover of fashion and a dedicated follower of Swedish fashion in particular. So there was no surprise when in Stockholm I was surrounded by fashion forward people and I was truly in my element. I’ve been a follower of blogs such as Angelica Blick, Fanny Lyckman, Frida Grahn and Molly Sanden for a while now and to sum up the overall impression of these blogs is that these ladies are extremely elegant and unique in their own way and they inspire me daily as With them it is more about knowing what is on trend and making it their own.

Borrowed from Molly Sanden Blog

Borrowed from Molly Sanden Blog

Borrowed from Frida Grahn Blogg

Borrowed from Frida Grahn Blogg

I thought I was in heaven walking down Drottningatan and through the centre of Stockholm as there were shops for as far as the eye could see and unlike other cities (such as London) the streets weren’t cramed, everybody could move freely, pleseantly and shop without the hassle of mean foot traffic. I do think other cities should follow it’s lead as even at night the streets felt safe and for such a big city that seemed unusual but extremely calming for me. Their array of shops was immense and the shops seemed to be repeated often which unsually was not bad because even though they were the same shops they had different seasons clothes in so no matter which one you entered you wouldn’t find the same pieces. The cute little boutique shops seemed to be pleantious and fun to explore.

Borrowed from Angelica Blick Blogg

Borrowed from Angelica Blick Blogg

Borrowed from Fanny Lyckman blogg

Borrowed from Fanny Lyckman blogg

It surprised me how much of an array of department stores there were from Åhléns city to NK they were epic. When I stepped into NK on Regeringsgatan, I was amazed as it was just like I had stepped into a Christmas Movie with decorations that were so huge and gravity defiant they looked so magical to me. They held some of the greatest brands from Acne to Ida Sjöstedt and a fashionista would definately rate it as pretty awesome.

I also have to note how stylish the men were. It was fantastic as every guy that walked past had his own style going on and compared to where I live it’s a blessing to see men look after themselves so well, with the slicked back hair which was delightful and the handsome outfits that they were rocking, it was like a breath of fresh air (which the air is, extremely fresh it wakes you up).

I have a notion that the water in Stockholm holds some magical power haha, as every time I had a shower my skin felt softer and my hair was cleaner, shinier and softer so bravo Stockholm vasser hehe


Jasmine x


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