In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away! Look back on 2012


Hej Hej,

What a year 2012 was many thought that the apocalypse was near (not me though) however, I did take the oppourtunity to cease the year and make it amazing and one way I did this is I travelled alot last year and I loved it now I want to travel at least nine times a year I wish!!

The first trip of the year I took was for my birthday where i went to see Eric Saade in concert in Malmö! which meant I was in Sweden for the beginning of spring and I have to say I loved it as it was different it was slightly cold and all of the sea breeze shocked my body which was exihilirating. We had a magical time we stayed in the Hilton went to the concert explored the city all in one weekend the only downfall was that it was a weekend so the shops opened later on Sunday haha. My first experience on Ryan air was interesting as the ability of just running for a seat was fun hadn’t experienced that one before (I know where have I been haha).



Just having a wander haha random duck in the middle of the city!
Just having a wander haha random duck in the middle of the city! Coincidentally outside of a restaurant run ducky run!

Moving on to my summer holiday in The Algarve, Portugal which was extremely hot and relaxing also my first experience of Portugal aswell even though i had been Spain multiple times Portugal was extremely different the vibe was more chilled and Albufiera was picturesque.IMG_0861

I had the oppourtunity to take a trip to Edinburgh again which was lovely as they have amazing shopping and that city is just oozing with history (and alot of hills) I have to say I had a major workout last year with the steep sloped pavements in Portugal and the mountainous climbs in edinburgh haha.


I spent the weekend in london for a tattoo convention which I had the oppourtunity to work at and I have to say london isn’t a city which i fell in love as compared to other European cities it lacked extremely of interest for me. However, i had a very eye opening weekend and it was lovely but it wasn’t amazing.

And Last but not least I set off for Stockholm two days after Christmas for a much needed break and relaxation for a week and as from my previous blogs you can gather I am in love and wish to live there desperately please haha.IMG_0181IMG_0086IMG_0251

And I am very much looking forward to making 2013 a better year than any other as I have big plans for this year and have a positive feeling for what is to come.

My new inspiration…


Found this and loved it!

Puss och Kram



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