Worlds 2nd Best

Hej hej,

To me at this point Chanel Vitalumiere is the worlds second best foundation for my skin. Now I know that I haven’t tried every foundation in the world and am only comparing it to Dior Forever which I had used for a while however, I decided that I was going to try both this and a foundation from Emporio Armani and compare it with Dior as I had heard great things about all of them.

The Chanel foundation itself has a highly luxurious feel to it and smells lovely and I do not dislike it however, the coverage was a problem for me as I love a foundation to feel like a second skin yet, have it still cover any blemishes / skin redness and this one is quite fine. I am using number 10 Limpide and it is a great colour (even though it is the palest they make) it still adds a tint of colour to the skin.

All in all I feel that it is a great foundation which feels great on the skin however it is not so effective on covering any skin imperfections that suddenly appear; although if you have perfect skin and especially have a tan either permanently or after a holiday it is perfect as the colour and consistency adds a lovely tint and dewy glow to the skin.

I am going to compare all three foundations I have talked about and will give feedback on all soon




Puss och kram

Jasmine x


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