A girls gotta have good taste!

Hej finest,

I have been sitting here wondering what to blog about feeling like a real boring sod haha and I thought i would divulge into my creative side and share with you my love of photography.

So this is how the story goes… I am one to go through fazes or fads which can range wide however, when I turned 15 (donkeys years ago haha well only two but o well) I was brought a professional camera for my birthday which i completely adored and from that point on (coinciding with my adoration of fashion) I have fallen deeply in love with different photography styles and photographers (and even follow a few on instagram). But skipping back a step in my life story, I was going to study photography at college which then turned to me studying English Literature which was a good decision however, if any of you knew me you would know that I tend to go off on crazy tangents resulting in something that is so completely alien to the idea i began with that I turn my life in a whole new direction.

Nevertheless, after a while people stop trying to understand my crazy though patterns and have to accept that they have no clue where I will end up (such fun haha) and see this is a perfect example of going off on a tangent and confusing people. I apologize hehe bare with. And going back to the point, recently a friend showed me to an amazing Spanish photographer Eugenio Recuenco which I instantaneously fell for and loved his vision heres a few examples:


…and here’s a few photo’s that I’ve taken

IMG_0146 IMG_0359 IMG_0360 IMG_0399 IMG_0481 stairs building art ice cream blue

Now I’ll get back to watching funny youtube videos and doing other general friday things

Much Love

Jasmine x

P.S. thought I’d add this weeks favourite song love these guys

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