Love Me Some Country

Hey hey,

I just wanted to write a little bit about Southern USA as it’s very inspirational to me (along with about a million other things haha). Ever since I was little I’ve had a love for America, Southern USA in particular I guess it’s just that famous southern hospitality that draws me in haha. I definitely need to take a trip there perhaps not so in the distant future.

I also collected a few pictures from the internet to perhaps inspire others to see the beauty of the south they definitely inspire me

All images borrowed from Google

All images borrowed from Google

Here’s a few musical gems that I’ve been listening to lately (but not the only ones)

I absolutely adore Hart of Dixie it’s got all of the southern beauty such as those wonderful spanish moss trees or the beautiful lakes it’s definitely up there on my favourite T.V. show list. I’m also getting into the show Nashville it took me a while but I’m gripped.

Also of course those wonderful Nicholas Sparks novel adaptation movies are set in Southern USA.


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