Di mi Gatsby your the bees knees, oh my what a brooksy

Hey Dolls,

I know it’s late I watched this spectacular a few weeks ago however, it’s never too late so here’s my review. By the way I just love to use the Flapper’s dictionary don’t worry if it didn’t make sense hehe. I have a raving review for this movie. I went to see it in 3D and oh my it was greater than I expected, I mean I had high expectations but it was just brilliant. The glitz, the glamour, the tragedy and the romance I mean it just had such a good storyline no wonder it’s the great American novel. Leonardo played the perfect role and as a person who intends to read the book I was shocked that I didn’t warm to Daisy’s character even though Carey Mulligan is a great actor. If your thinking of watching it at the pictures I’m sure you’ll enjoy i’ve you love a bit of class here and there. I’m definitely going to buy it on DVD. I have even ordered the book this week so I’ll be able to see how it compares.

Oh my what amazing jewellery that they had in this film I mean this movie just oozes class, I went on the Tiffany’s & co website and saw that the headpiece alone cost £150,000 ( what it would be like to have jewellery like that at your disposal)

the-great-gatsby-poster1-809-2522So there’s my slightly cookie review but I hope you enjoyed anyway

 Much Love




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