Contrary To Popular Prejudice (Fragments: a review)

First of all I devoured this book in 4 hours. Monroe’s gravitas really shines through. She even has relatable characteristics from the multiple lists she writes, her interests etc. It really makes you empathise with her as she faced such hardships yet strove for greatness constantly throughout her life. However, like many other grey artists she found more fame after her death. Although she had rave reviews as it said in the book it is evident that her mentality was something of another’s creation. I find it difficult to believe that she committed suicide as she seemed to have such a real grasp on reality. She even mentions in one of her letter’s that her body is part of her art and to destroy it would never cross her mind she even puts it down to vanity (I just call it good sense). Although she was said to have many insecurities she writes “my body is my body every part of it”. To me she is an academic, sort of feminist, who dabbled with stand out political figures such as President Kennedy. This book gives you a less Hollywood version of Marilyn’s character. She was a real warm person who strove for perfection in doing what she loved which seemed to range widely. She was a beauty with rains and society tried to erase that. Overall, this book was top notch 5 *****.20130618-182550.jpg



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