My Face is Defying Me!

Hey guys,

So the other day I was making a Quinoa salad from a recipe that I had found on the internet. Anyway, it suggested a tablespoon of Cumin for the sauce of which I was clueless of the severe reaction that was to come the next day. The key factor was that I hadn’t really had the spice raw or otherwise in abundance ever.


So it turns out I am allergic to ground cumin spice and having had no previous allergies (and being proud of it) this was a real eyeopener. I’m not showing pictures because it looks horrendous, so I’ll describe so that other suffers can track down what they are allergic to.

Firstly, it started with a red rash all over my face neck and ears (one side suffering worse than the other).Then it started to spread all over my face through the course of the next day I believe it’s called a delayed reaction. Anyway, I woke up the next day and my face was swollen until the point it felt it was going to explode.The only thing I can compare myself to, is the Pillsbury Doughboy (Google it if you don’t know). So I went to the doctor and was prescribed steroid tablets and anti histamine and am waiting for the results to make my face return to it’s usual appearance.


Remember go to the doctor if you have worries for your health at an early stage to prevent it as quickly as possible (as it can go on for weeks).

Stay Healthy much love,




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