Unsensible made Sensible (Don’t worry it’s not a personality change)

Hi everyone,

Of course I’m talking about shoes AGAIN! I recently purchased these lovely nude pointed toe pumps from Zara and I just think they are absolutely gorgeous. I’ve never really been one to wear heels as (as many do) I tend to fall a lot seemingly having a lack of balance when raised in the air 5 inches haha.


I tend to buy shoes because of a unique quality such as the asymmetric lining on the toe of the heels.20130630-171001.jpg

I believe that having at least one pair of nude pumps in our wardrobe makes a whole lot of difference. Think of the diversity, a pair of these would match outfit ranging from a blazer and jeans to leather shorts and a blouse it’s really something to invest in. Now I know i’m promoting consumerism however, it is my philosophy that if you buy quality it will last a whole lot longer than say a considerably cheaper pair. I did buy these in the sale which if you knew me is a complete score because when I shop in sales I seem to buy full marked price items. I brought these online which was risky as I didn’t know if they were going to fit me but I found that the shipping from Zara kept me in the loop with every move my shoes made haha.20130630-171012.jpg

If anything buy a pair for the sheer elegance they add to an outfit and remember the first thing many people look at are your shoes and eyes so make good eye contact and wear nice shoes.20130630-171022.jpg

Now onto the sensible yet, diverse pair of flats. These are my first pair of smoking slippers (I intend to add more to my collection of course) however, these are perfect. First of all they are black and so they will go with nearly every outfit.

Secondly, these are such an elegant shape of flats to wear they make your feet look slim and somehow give you better posture. I seriously recommend investing in a pair. Mine were very inexpensive and are real suede so I think that if you intend to buy a pair scan the shops thoroughly and compare because some have poor structure and have the adverse affect looking more like real slippers.

20130630-171035.jpgThat’s it for now much love,




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