Style Report: Decades to Inspire

Hey guys,

Considering everyone loves to look at or wear a classic look I decided to make comparisons and show (those who feel they love classic looks but don’t know how to recreate a contemporary version) how it works today.

audrey hepburn smoking white shorts plaid shirt sandals summer

This is of course a look that works well today just without the shoes. It would be perfectly fine to reimagine your old plaid shirt into a wrap shirt and then add a pair of white tailored shorts or high waisted denim shorts or jeans to look effortlessly chic.A Modern Approach


In the next look I have added high-waisted tapered trousers as the statement piece of the outfit. This item is something I feel you can wear today as it have been worn in different forms throughout many of the former decades such as the 50’s 70’s and 90’s. The high neck is something that I also feel gives elegance to an outfit I mean you don’t have to completely cover up but just showing the right amount of skin.Worldly Thoughts

A girl should always have a beautiful blue skirt for example:-


I certainly find inspiration in these two looks they are both stunning and modest and I will definitely be looking for one for the summer months and depending on which shade of blue you can take it into A/W.

Next is the Key 1920’s look, a look which should be in every girl’s wardrobe. Since the release of the Great Gatsby it has set off a revival in the pushing the boundaries theme that the roaring twenties were all about. Below is a fairly similar outfit to what a flapper girl would have worn perhaps with a flashier dress however, this is the modern approach to class.

How to do 1920's nowMuch love,




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