One Way Ticket

Day 1:

Welcome to Helsinki. After our flight was delayed after nearly an hour we stepped on board Finnair outbound to Helsinki. It was an extremely friendly flight with spacious seats and happy flight attendants. It just so happened that they also sprung a free meal for everyone on the plane which is extremely unusual or any flight service this side of the millennia.

Even though our flights was delayed we managed to get to Helsinki swiftly.

Mass confusion struck at the airport as it lacked any clear signs as to where the exit and luggage claim was located. After much confusion we found our bag found the exit and then it was on to the next challenge trying to find our way to the hotel.

I definitely recommend always searching do transfers before departing on any journey however when I went in search for transfers from the airport nothing existed that suited and all the information I gathered was that you were able to catch a bus for €6 however, fast forward to today with two non Finnish speaking tourists and what do you get confusion. The real lack of clarity led us to the taxiservice which ended in an extortionate price which I dare not to mention this deeply stressed out my mellow mood however, we soon got back on track and were delighted to arrive at the quirky Scandic Paasi hotel pictures are below.

Then our explorer mode kicked in and we went in search for the town centre which we haven’t yet found so we will continue tommorow hopefully with success.

As always we just had to try the local sweets and so we opted for the fiery liquorice boiled sweets which weren’t to my taste but Zo seemed to enjoy them. It was like tobacco sauce in a sweet haha.

Much Love




Bye bye England


Funny Faces on the plane

Funny Faces on the plane


Our quirky pillows




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