Definitely Amused

Day 2:

What a fun time we had today. Welcome to Linnanmäki at the heart of Helsinki. After a morning wander trying to gather our bearings we stumbled upon the amusement park which we had intended to visit later in the day.

This little haven in the heart of the city has some really spectacular rides (pictures are below). The first ride we went on resembled the spinball whizzer at Alton Towers, nevertheless it was very fun and a bonus was that the queues were not long at all as we had arrived near opening time at 12AM.

We continued on to one of the other major 7 rides and then we discovered the rest of the park (which was a gem). There lay the most spectacular of all the rides in the park. First of all we went on Kurnu which was like a bendy straw (we went on twice hehe). Then we continued on one of the two largest wooden roller coasters in Scandinavia. It was such fun and I couldn’t believe that there were actual men breaking the roller coaster and standing up at the back of the ride I thought they would fall off (but I suppose it is their job).

Then we went on the spectacular Ukko which I do admit I was initially dubious about however, when I’d been on once we had to go again it was such a rush at the top my hair hung down and we were at a great height. It did one full round, went backwards to leave you upside down then went forwards and finally reversed to the station (it was all over so quick haha).

Finally we went to a smaller roller coaster which beat me up haha so there was no return ride to that one. Overall, though it was such fun and because we got a wristband for €37 we saved money rather than paying €7 for each large ride.

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