Free Spirits

Day 3:

What an excitingly strenuous day it has been. Because we checked out of our hotel today we had to lugg our ridiculously heavy bags around with us.

We at first went for a walk around what felt like the whole of Helsinki my feet felt broken after try we’re beat up yesterday haha eeek

Then we ventured to find our ship at the docks. Which I have to days wasn’t that obvious from the booking confirmation. What I mean by this is that we had little information about the actual time that we needed to be there to check in and where abouts it docked from. Anyway luckily after a little research we found out that it docked at the Olympiaterminalen which was quite a walk away with an extra 8lbs to carry.

But eventually we got onboard our cruise like ferry and we were even greeted by Moomin which to Zoe’s surprise was Finnish (he’s everywhere haha).

We happen to be staying in a cupboard haha like Harry Potter except without as much space. Only joking but we are in a cupboard like cabin but it was a bargain for our 17h 30min journey. Don’t think we will be spending much time in there only to sleep obviously.

We had a great tea time at el capitan the restaurant on board I had a nice pork knuckle with coleslaw and chorizo mash potato.

We are currently sitting on the moonlight deck which has an amazing view of the Baltic anyway I’m sure this isn’t going to go up until tomorrow because of slow Internet at sea (don’t think there’s many masts haha)

Anyway that was day three it was muy interesante

Much love








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