Ice Ice Baby

Oh my goodness what a jaw dropping experience I have just had. We went to the Ice Bar (you know like the hotel but smaller. Anyway we were handed ponchos on arrival at the Nordic Hotel (where the staff were really lovely) you were given gloves hanging from your poncho and then it was time as you walked through the door you had to wait for the other door o close behind you in order to enter.

The cold hit you like an ice berg to the face haha. It was then time to take photos obviously an get your drink which was included in booking. You got to pick from the menu and we chose the Northern Lights and Wolf Paw both were extremely yummy. After that we had a wander around where Zo proceeded to try and eat the glass to which I followed it was literally as they say having you drink in the rocks.

The music was pumped loud and Bruno Mar even came on the radio so now I will forever remember that song as the Ice Bar song hehe. There were many sculptures in that one tiny room an even one with a hand that said if both hands touch you get a free drink but unfortunately my hands were too small ( well its not that unfortunate don’t want big hands haha).

Hilariously you are supposed to recycle your glasses through a shoot at the end. All of the water within the room was supposed to have come from one specific river which is awesome it was a once in a lifetime experience now I want to go to the Ice Hotel I wonder if I could endure the cold for that long?

Much Love









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