Stockholm Calling

Day 4:

Last night we ventured to the New York sky bar on top of the ferry it was very luxurious we had a few drinks a picture of my monitor is below I have to say I’ve never really tried one of gem before but it is strangely similar to a cipronja the national Brazilian cocktail that I had in Portugal strange but tasty.

Woke up this morning to glistening sea beautifully green archipelagos.
The sun was beating down whilst a slight sea breeze swooped across the deck. It’s one of the greatest wilderness sights in the world. The sheer serenity of the place makes you relax and unwind.We sat there trying to decipher what purpose each island had.

We woke up at 6 this morning however that was the time between the two countries so when we got out on deck we discovered that it was only 6:30 which wa awesome a our boat docked at 9:30 and we wanted to get the best sights we possibly could.

As the sun was beating down upon the sea it created the illusion of little stars flashing brightly into my eyes. My sleep upon my cabin bunk was surprisingly comfortable except for the lumpy pillow which made it easier for me to wake up (there’s always an upside).

Arriving in Stockholm we were a little bewildered as to where exactly we are in Stockholm which was quickly solved when I picked up a free map. Yet again the only option was a taxi as the port lacked an option of tickets.

My feet are beat up I have around 8 blisters one of them being a blood blister and for some reason my left foot feels the need to seize up but on the bright side it is scorching hot but I arrived with totally the wrong outfit on for the weather.






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