I defeated a fear …. I’m a real traveller now

Day 5:

Woke up at 8 that’s pretty late. However, we were staying at the lovely old town lodge hotel in Gamla Stan, Stockholm and the breakfast was from 9 till 11 which I think is reasonable so it fitted in well.

My fear of shared bathrooms is gone. After staying in such a cleanly place with excellent sharing facilities.

We then checked out and the owner was kind enough to hold our bags until 4 o’clock so that we could wander. Unfortunately my foot has swollen up and so has been hurting for the whole day making it hard to walk (it’s all been sorted now I bought an ankle strap).

After collecting our bags we went back to the centre and had a lovely meal at a restaurant on drottningaten. I had Swedish meatballs they we’re lovely. Our lunch seemed to be an ice cream as we were full so I ha a salted caramel and strawberry cone, Zo had pistachio and salted caramel. I have to say that I’m a new fan of the salted caramel not like the salted liquorice.

We then proceeded to walk around Åhlens city for a while until eventually arriving at city terminalen which is where I currently sit at the espresso bar sipping on a mango and mint frappino, waiting for our bus to Oslo tonight.







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