Night Rider

Day 6

Day six started with an all nighter (well I gave in at around 4am this morning). I have that bus feeling you know the dry throat and a bit claggy but on the bright side I’m on my way to Norway.

I got myself overexcited in my head on the bus. The bus itself was awesome with free wifi and plug hole for your chargers. The bus driver was friendly like most Norwegians.

I played constant Swedish dance music and some rock kept me awake whilst the sun did not set for long I not at all by 3:30 the sky was beginning to turn blue by 4:15 it was daylight. We arrived just before six to a practically empty bus station. Compared to city terminalen this station lacked as the toilet staff refused to help with change and there was patrol men constantly walking up and down not giving off a positive vibe in the slightest.

The best western hotel were kind enough to hold our luggage until check in time. As I am wearing my shorts a few passers by have entered comments to me in their native tongue so obviously I can’t understand but I hadn’t comprehended that they would be looked upon strangely or you know the other way.

Then it was time for shopping as we had to kill time until our check in time.

Oslo itself is a beautiful city full of historic architecture and I fully intend to explore all the hidden gems it has to offer.

As far as the weather goes it is scorching hot but I looked like a homeless person this morning (lack of sleep lack of shower etc. I know eww)

We fell asleep for what was suppose to be an hour which turned into five I honestly didn’t hear the alarm clock.
Then it was shower time to make me feel human again and off for a bite to eat in this quite expensive city.

After going out for a short while we discovered the strict rules on alcohol and ended up in McDonalds and met a lovely but quite young lad who was kind enough to share his views on Norway as a whole.

I am enjoying Norway so far however, it is difficult to comprehend just how different the laws are.

Much Love








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