Beauty Lays Claim Here

Day 7:

First of all Oslo I Love you. There are so many nice and welcoming people here it is definitely a place to recommend. After having breakfast in the hotel we went for some Sunday exploration, as it is Sunday the shops are shut (but that didn’t stop us). We decided to take in some of the culture of Norway.

We first went for a walk around the north part of the city where the building are beautiful and there’s history wherever you look. Then it was time for our visit to the palace which was so interesting. We had booked ourselves onto an English guided tour (as you had to pre-book). There is so much history to learn about such as the many kings and the union kings and one of whom was the prince of Denmark and then they were adopted and the British princess who married him and then became queen of Norway and Karl Johan who was a Frenchman with no royal background and so on and so forth. I love history and I loved the comparison with the other Scandinavian monarchies.

Next it was off to the national gallery where paintings ranged from Monae to Picasso. However, it wasn’t a large gallery.

It is VERY warm here 23 through the night and one small fan to keep us cool. I recommend bringing your own fan as I am yet to find a place within the whole city where I can cool down.

Then it was time for a bite to eat at TGIFridays it was awesome. Located on Karl Johans gate we were greeted with extremely friendly service. Oh my goodness am I full after eating the largest burger I have ever eaten and they even have free refills without having to ask. All I can say is YUMMY! Earlier we found Oreo ice cream one of my faves in little tubs so I could cool down slightly.

Much Love








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