Next Stop Göteborg

Day 8:

We started our day in Norway and by midday we were in the astoundingly beautiful Gothenburg. It completely went beyond my expectations. Although today was pretty much a travelling day we still managed to get a great deal of exploration in and once we got our bearings this great city becomes less intimidating much like Stockholm or Oslo.

As a seaside city, with the warmth you get that wonderful sea breeze. We found the gorgeous opera house which was surrounded by delightful harbour.

Our hotel is so unassuming but it is so clean, fresh and simply luxurious inside. The streets of the city are so clean and fairly flat ( I have yet to find a hill).

Gothenburg itself is very intriguing as although it is a seaside city it has all of the facilities that most cities have and more. The women’s UEFA semifinal is happening in Gothenburg on Wednesday so I’m sure he city will fill up fast.

There is no doubt that Sweden has a special place in my heart. People often ask why I love it so much all I have to say is take a look for yourself and try to deny it then.

Much Love








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