P-P-P-Paparazzi (Apparently I’m famous)

Day 9:

What an hilarious day we had today. It was defiantly a shopping day and unusual for me I found two things on sale (which almost never happens).

We went for a walk through the city this morning to find a few places and then we spent hours in the shopping district which I have to say is one forge best I’ve ever seen. They have such a wide range of shops. If your thinking of visiting Gothenburg definitely do it it’s soo diverse.

At about midday we want to the harbour for an ice cream and coke. The ice cream was soo yummy it was strawberry Daim (doesn’t exist at home WHY?) and we got Swedish names on our coke such fun.

As we were sitting by the harbour hilariously but so sweetly another tourist asked if she could have a picture with us and so we agreed and it turned into us taking photos with many people haha I felt famous being paparazzied it made my day nevertheless. It keeps happening first on the ferry now in the street I must look like someone famous haha.

Then after trying to get a tan we continued the shopping but we didn’t find much.

Soon we will go out for sushi hopefully if we can find the place and then. Hopefully out for the evening.

Much Love






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