Races Through My Veins

Day 10:

Adrenaline junkies strike again. Today we visited yet another amusement park Liseberg, Göteborg.

Another scorching day here in Sweden. We had an absolutely hilariously fun day. The park itself is so eclectic and so Scandinavian that you will fall in love instantly. It holds some of the most major rides in the world including one of the top wooden roller coasters in the world. Balder is defiantly a thrill seekers paradise, not only is it a giant and I mean gigantic wooden structure it features a 70 degree drop which makes your hair whoosh straight back until it stands vertical on top of your head (which in my case stands 34 inches above my head haha it’s crazy).

The first ride we went on was Lisebergbanan set as a train however, don’t let it fool you this will give you a rush of adrenaline (my favourite thing). It features many steep drops and some twists and winds.

We also ventured onto the fastest ride within the park which makes you fly around its fabulous.

We went on a few of the smaller rides also (when I say small I mean normal size) such as the swinging ring and the giant Uppswinget which gave me such a rush.

The park itself is so charming and full of energy everyone was really lovely and we had an amazing day as usual. It also says open until 11pm which is awesome as theme parks at home close at 6pm (what kill joys). If you love the music pumping the sun kissing your skin and a couple rushes of adrenaline then I defiantly recommend visiting he park at least once in your life.

Much Love












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