I Think I Love YOU

Day 11:

OK Gothenburg you are my new love. I absolutely adore this city I mean ADORE. It really is the friendliest place and is really beautiful. I need to be dragged away from here kicking and screaming.

Anyway then it was time to board the bus to Malmö which I am glad to say we were on time for with no confusion.

We spent most of the day on the bus or in the station. One thing that I really love about taking he bus is that you get to see most of the country your travelling around. Such as today we stopped a short while on the bus in Helsingborg so technically I’ve been there haha.

The landscape of Sweden is just breathtakingly beautiful and gives you enjoyment even though your stuck on a bus for four hours.

We arrive in Malmö at around 3:30pm and then went walking through the warm but wet weather to find our lovely hotel.

We went out for a little walk around the city and had tea which wasn’t to my taste (too greasy, it was only fast food though).

Much Love






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