Dance Dance Dance Till You Get It Right

Day 12:

First of all Swedish summers are the BEST! We first ventured out around the city and then we stumbled upon a little piece of green heaven. Kungsparken is such a beautiful place for a morning stroll or run (if you lived here) it’s in central Malmö so it’s not at all out of reach by foot.

There’s so much to see in this one park. First we took a stroll around the water and across a few bridges and then we discovered a little windmill (which I personally could live in haha). Around the corner was the huge garden full of flowers and I mean it was like a field full, just beautiful.

Then it was time to visit a castle because what is a trip without a castle? It was such a picturesque place. I got in for free but Zo has to pay (it didn’t work out dear though).
After we had discovered all the gems of the castle and the art galleries We felt extremely cultured and so we went for a drink and an ice cream (perfect for a warm day).

We then proceeded to partake in our favourite pass times SHOPPING haha (all the time). We didn’t find much but it was still fun Sweden has the best shops.

After a little rest we went for a bite to eat at Steakhouse, Lilla Torg which was so scrumptious. I had the steak and pepper sauce (unfortunately I forgot to take pictures because at this point I was ravenous and had a little bit of a buzz). The rosé was lovely I think I’ll find it when I get home I was quite drunk by 8:30 so it’s a good sign plus I’ve hardly eaten all day ( a recipe for disaster haha).

I now sit here listening to Ulrik, The royal concept and Avicii feeling pretty happy with how I spent the day.

Much Love













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