A Tale Of 2 Cities

Day 13:

Bye bye Malmö, hello Copenhagen! Woke up early today without an effort and quickly went to breakfast, I made myself a waffle (because Swedish waffles are the best haha).

Because we had gotten a bit too much money out of the bank we had a little bit of cash to spend quickly so I bought a lovely new shirt. By the time we had gotten to the bus station there was a little confusion as to where the bus actually stops because it was a bus/train station. After we figured out where we needed to be the bus arrived and with great ease we began our final stint to Copenhagen.

I will miss you Sweden but I’ll be back soon (promise haha). I was so exited that we were going to cross the Oresund bridge because its so unique and I think it’s the largest bridge in Europe or something like that. We soon arrived in Denmark.

We checked into our hotel an hour before the actual check in time they were so lovely. It was then time to find a bank because a girls gotta have some cash. We popped into 7 eleven for some food because I was starving by this point (have no idea why).

Haven’t a clue what the plans are for later but we’ll just go with the flow.

Much Love








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