A Lazy Sunday My Way

Day 14:

Woke up this morning extremely warm and wishing for air conditioning. We slowly arose and went to grab some breakfast from 7 Eleven (I’ve been their biggest customer these past weeks haha).

Then it was time for the fun to start. Yes we’re at yet another amusement park. This one however, is extremely unique. Set in the heart of Copenhagen it combines beauty with thrill. I’m talking about Tivoli Gardens! This plush site is suitable for all ages and gives you the option of exploring the gardens or buying a ticket for the rides and gardens (you can guess which one I got).

It doesn’t hold the most thrilling rides in the world but it does have a few interesting ones. Such as the worlds largest swing ride the star flyer it was like every child’s dream. Then it was on to the larger rides such as demon (it isn’t as scary as you may think).

Vertigo was the ride that accelerated to 5G’s which makes your face fly back and closes your eyes for you haha it’s fun though.

We went on almost every ride in the place it was such a fun experience and a beautiful day out. We went for tea at Wagamama which is a Japanese restaurant and it was accessible from the park. Such lovely food and polite service means I’ll defiantly be returning in the future. Everything was fresh and the drinks were freshly squeezed. I had the yaki soba with freshly squeezed orange it was soo delicious and filling.

After that we went for a cool down in the gardens and a walk around the garden shops until we eventually made our rounds of the rides for the third time. A pretty crazy Sunday but definitely a relaxing one.

Much love










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