I’m No Bradley Wiggins I know (Le Tour De Copenhagen)

Day 15:

Guess what we hired bikes today and Oh my goodness I’m tired. We cycled around the city for about 7 hours (got our money’s worth). We had no idea of where we were going so we just kept cycling and sure we got lost a few times and it was stressful in parts cycling around a city for the first time but I now realise I had fun.

I had a few little disasters such along into a UPS van nearly being in a head on collision and running into a women (I know crazy Jasmine on the loose haha), but I didn’t die so that’s a plus and now I think I’ve gotten a handle on it now.

Regardless of my biking skills it was such a beautiful ride through the city where we found quite a few picturesque places. I didn’t find he mermaid but I’m on the search for her. I think we will have another wander tonight if I don’t collapse haha.

Copenhagen is such a bike friendly city you can find thousands of bikes parked in the middle of the city and even more riding around you it can be intimidating but you should definitely go for it if your in the city just make sure you have good balance and quick peddling skills.

Much Love






When we got lost this is where we ended up uho!

Me on my bicycle

Me on my bicycle


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