My Dream Was To High Five A Polar Bear

Day 16:

Followed my heart to the zoo to find the polar bears! I was so excited today, I haven’t been to the zoo in years and now I’ve been to the zoo in Copenhagen (I’ve gotta say I love my life it’s so random haha).

First we got lost as usual, I’ve learnt through this trip not to trust google maps or any map at all because all you end up doing is walking around a huge city in circles haha. It had rained for the first time on my journey today however, the rain stayed away whilst we were walking around the zoo and then thunderstorms and rain caught up with me but luckily we had seen all the animals.

There were so many animals that I hadn’t seen before in real life such as the polar bears, reindeer, red panda, Tasmanian devil etc. and there were a few old faves such as giraffes and lions etc.

It was so magical in the arctic side if the zoo because you have so many different animals that are not possible to see usually. After a while it had started to rain so we took shelter under the big zoo tower (as did many others). We took the long walk back to the hotel and sure enough we got soaked quite invigorating though.

Later on we decided we would go for sushi at the restaurant Hero which is Japanese and serves a wide variation if you don’t like sushi. We both had the crispy shrimp uramaki and soba noodles with some special type of beef it was lovely and a little really does go a long way (quite expensive though for the amount).

Went to the train station just to check out how to get to the airport, a little bit of confusion as to what to do we’ll see when we’re faced with the challenge early in the morning.

Much Love


















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