Seeking Adventure Is In My Blood

Yesterday’s endeavours left me tired but I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to have so many new experiences in such a short period of time. It’s true what people say that you learn a lot about who you are when you take the time to see the world. I hope that one day I can see the whole world but for now (that means today) I’m grateful for where I have been.

Yesterday, we woke up at 4am to a rainy Copenhagen. We dragged ourselves out of bed to hot foot it to the train station. It was quite invigorating to be wandering around at such an early hour in the rain in such a beautiful place.

It was slightly confusing as to which train we were supposed to take nevertheless, we got a ticket from the machine and hopped onto the 5:20 to Lufthavn (which we now know is the place where the airport stands). I genuinely believed that the airport was called Kastrup but it didn’t say that on any of the screens so we opt for CPH airport and hoped for the best.

Catching the flight with SAS was so easy breezy because all you needed to do was check in online print off your tickets and luggage tags at the kiosk and hand your bags in.

After that we grabbed a latte hopped onboard and came home to heavy rain. Which then brings me onto thinking of the new adventures I want to plan but of course I can’t travel everyday because I’m not a professional travel writer yet.

Much Love






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