Don’t panic! It’s not simple but knowing a few simple facts before approaching the station will make it easy breezy. That’s where I’m here to help. As you would know from my previous blog because we hasn’t taken a train from the airport we were unsure how the railway system works and a little helpful advice would have gone a long way however with good luck and perseverance we reached our destination.

Step 1: Have lots of change (in DEK obviously). If not make sure you own a credit or debit card as notes really don’t cut it.

Step 2: Lufthavn airport is Kastrup airport and CPH airport is the abbreviated version for Copenhagen’s only airport.

Step 3: make sure you buy your ticket for the right amount of zones. If you buy your ticket from the machines in the entrance they will give you a valid ticket for the amount of zones. The airport is in Zone 3 and the central station is in Zone 1.

Step 4: your ticket is only valid for a certain amount of hours and will say Gyldigt till (Valid To)

Useful Information: Central station closes between 2:30 and 4:30am however, the trains still runs (you would have to have bought your ticket previously).

Trains to the airport come every 10-20 minutes and run through the night.

Hope you have an easy and stressless journey

Much Love



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