Tips for Travel: BEWARE OF TAXIS

Taxis are the biggest dent in your holiday budget so make sure you plan ahead to reduce the amount of taxis that you need to take (if any at all).
We took about two taxis on our trip I know not many however, it cost over €70 euros for both and for short distances. The only reason we even considered of taking a taxi is because we had no idea Howe far we were from the city centre in Helsinki or when we docked in Stockholm. Granted the taxi in Stockholm was heaped than in Helsinki but here was no doubt that we had been ripped off.

Step 1: Make sure you have researched for buses from the airport or any destination because trust me you will save yourself 75% more money than taking a taxi.

Step 2: If the driver pretends he doesn’t understand what you are talking about or doesn’t divulge the price do not and I repeat DO NOT GET IN THE TAXI!

Just remember to be money savvy and a step ahead at all times and you’ll save yourself a great deal.

Much Love


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