So as I was travelling through four countries for around 2 and a half weeks it was a necessity to find a mode of transportation that would get me where I needed to be whether it was from Stockholm to Oslo or Oslo to Gothenburg it had to be reasonable. That’s when we found Swebus which along with other Swedish bus companies (such a Flygbussarna and Express bus) allows you to navigate through three countries at a fairly reasonable price. I would recommend this to anyone backpacking or just travelling from the airport as it will save you a lot.

For me these buses were perfect they provided free WiFi and chargers for you electronics and they spoke both Swedish and English to their passengers. You can get e tickets (which was a regular occurrence for us).

Step 1: No matter what country you are travelling to I guarantee that they will have bus/coach services for the average traveller.

Step 2: look online before or during your travel to make sure you get the best price. I wouldn’t leave buying your bus ticket until the last-minute as the prices may increase or  there may be confusion when you reach the terminal.

Step 3: make sure you know where the closest terminal is to your destination. If in doubt find the terminal when you reach your destination so that there’s no worry.

Step 4: make sure you’re at the terminal about half an hour before your bus is due to depart. If you know the number of the bus (which will be on your ticket) there is screens in the terminals to direct you to the correct gate. Don’t worry all terminals are pretty much like airports.

Step 5: Enjoy your ride, I guarantee you’ll see more of the country by bus as opposed to a train or aeroplane.

Hope you have a wonderful trip,

Much Love



We took the bus from Malmö to Copenhagen over the Öresund bridge

We took the bus from Malmö to Copenhagen over the Öresund bridge


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