One of the most enjoyable parts of travelling between the countries was the ferry or mini cruise we took across from Helsinki to Stockholm. The process could not have been easier. We were greeted by Moomin and a band which was a start to an hilariously fun boat trip. I couldn’t believe it when I stepped onboard the ship it was like a floating town (bear in mind I’ve only ever been on a small ferry before and never a cruise).

The facilities onboard were endless from shops to bars to the moonlight deck where you could take in the ocean or the sea breeze (I say breeze more like a heavy gust but still exciting anyway). Although our cabin was small it was a good price and provided all the facilities a room should. there was multiple elevators and staircases on board to travel between all 13 decks. There was space outside at all times to go outside and take in the views of the archipelagoes and the open sea. Sunset was beautiful as the purple sky floated above the water and the atmosphere was so uniquely friendly. We had a very well prepared meal onboard and even had the opportunity to go shopping.

Step 1: make sure you compare prices on all ferries as this journey is frequent and easily accessible. I used

Step 2: If you are taking the same journey as me then make sure you choose the Helsinki dock as there are two to choose from and the other dock would mean you needed to spend extra money traveling to it.

Step 3: Always get to the port terminal about two hours before your ship departs. On your receipt not many details are shared so if you’re travelling on the Silja-Tallink line then you should depart from Olympia Terminalen (I advise finding this on google maps before you try to find it).

Step 4: Check-in is so simple but you want to check in as soon as you get to the terminal so that you can get your tickets and cabin sorted.

Step 5: When arriving in Stockholm you are not exactly in the centre of Stockholm so don’t get overwhelmed or get ripped off by a taxi. my advice to you is booking a bus from the dock to city centre I guarantee you’ll save your self a great deal of money.

Hope you enjoy your ferry journey like me

Much Love





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