“No! we’re the HEAT”

First of all by putting two of my favourite actors on the big screen together this movie had already won in my books. After watching the trailer multiple times earlier this year I was extremely eager to go see it when it hit the cinema.

Well what can I say? I was crying with laughter from start to finish. The film was not only hilarious it managed to incorporate an actually epic storyline. I do like crime programmes, detectives and solving mysteries etc. but this was on another level. Melissa McCarthy just cracks me up in everything I watch her in she’s just a natural-born comedian (except Gilmore Girls but I still love her in that) and Sandra Bullock has been a favourite of mine since I was little. I think their chemistry on-screen was hilarious and the movie did not disappoint (as some usually do when they only put the good parts of the film in the trailer).

If you love a good comedy I definitely recommend you take yourself down to the nearest movie theatre and buy a ticket. the humour was consistent but not too much and there was a lot of familiar faces within the film. My favourite line was between Ashburn and Mullins and she says:

Agent Sarah Ashburn:   They’re Spanx, they just hold everything together.
Det. Shannon Mullins:   Why?  What’s gonna come popping out?

5***** for originality GO WATCH IT!

Much Love





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