If We Spent More Time Looking Up

I was sitting in our beautiful green haven in the back reading my new book about Mt Everest and I looked to the sky. I realised that sometimes the clouds don’t look real, I mean if you look closely on a cloudy day you’ll realize they look drawn into the scene almost as though it is a movie from the 1950’s. Then I began to wonder what life would be like if we spent more time looking up.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve never been one to keep my head down or shrink into myself my confidence doesn’t allow for that (neither should yours) but there’s three layers to view. The time spent looking at the ground can sometimes be your view if your wearing heels and don’t want to fall or you just really love your feet.

The next line of view is the confident glance at your surroundings which is the view at your height (thats why everyone sees the world differently).

The last view is looking at the rest of the world whether your in a large city and you want to see the highest floor of the skycrapers or your on the beach and you stare at the sky for hours etc.

I think I’m going to spend more time with my head in the clouds because afterall this worlds too beautiful to stare at the pavement, you should too.

Much Love





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