Tips for Travel: It’s easy like riding a bike … O wait thats because it is a Bike

You guessed it, I’m talking about hiring a bike. Specifically hiring a bike in Copenhagen. If you didn’t know Copenhagen is one of the most bike friendly cities in the world and they sure do live up to that. If your up for a little adventure keep reading. If you haven’t really been on a bike for a while in my case around a year and you’ve never biked in a city ever in your life, then I suggest you jump the plank and live a little.

Trust me it’s hilarious at times. So picture this a swarm of bikers that have a destination and have no time to stop and then little old me trying to dodge such obstacles as people cars, UPS trucks etc. of course there’s going to be collisions. Mine were close calls but I didn’t give up after falling onto, yes onto a UPS truck and nearly colliding with a woman on the road. Anyway the whole process of hiring a bike could not have been easier it’s just the journey that’s left to you.

Step 1: Check whether your hotel provides a bike hire service. I believe most hotels provided this service in the centre of Copenhagen.

Step 2: Work out how your bike locks before starting your journey and don’t be like me and work it out when you get back whoops!

Step 3: Have some sort of notion to which direction you want to go and what destination you are looking for or once again like me you’ll get lost but some say that’s what makes it fun.

Step 4: Enjoy your ride, I guarantee you’ll cover more of the city on your bike than walking and as a plus it’s a great workout.

Much Love,





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