Tips for Travel: Ladies pack like a pro

  1. Make sure you pack for your destination for example city, desert, boat etc.
  2. Always make sure you have key pieces (basics)
  3. Definitely make sure all your pieces make a variety of outfits
  4. Make sure you have a sturdy and perhaps inconspicuous case (you don’t want to look touristy).
  5. Pack your everyday essentials with travel bottles etc. THINK AHEAD
  6. Think what will be necessary to buy when you are on your travels
  7. Are you going to be in close proximity to any shops
  8. Roll up your clothes to decrease wrinkling and always hang up when you reach your hotel etc. It will also make more room in your case.
  9. Make sure you have your passport and all important documents in a folder or plastic envelope etc.
  10. Always pack a smaller bag within your large case as this will come in handy when you want to leave your case at the hotel etc. and you just want to carry something light.
  11. Within this you should keep all your valuables, money etc.
  12. Make sure you take an adapter for the plug holes that fits your continent European, Britain or American etc.
  13. Depending on destination always pack one warm item of clothing. You never know what the weather will dish out.
  14. Always take one dressy outfit or pieces that can be dressed up or down
  15. A good playlist – download your favourite songs that you know you will want to listen to frequently as you may be going on a long journey
  16. Something to read – whether you pick it up in the airport or it’s a book you’ve been wanting to read I guarantee there will be times in your journey when you wish you have something to read regardless of where you are.
  17. Chargers – never forget your chargers EVER or you’ll be in a bit of a pickle.I did however, see in the Lonely Planet shop within the airport that they sold adapters which is ok if you realise you’ve forgotten them before you get onto the plane.

This is by no means a condescending list to tell you what to pack it’s more of a guide for those who find it useful to see how others pack (and have not had much luck with the whole airport system) for future reference. This guide is dedicated to those who have never flown. With all the restrictions on baggage nowadays you can’t just set off around the world with your kitchen sink on your back. The key to packing properly to make sure you have sufficient clothing, toiletries etc. is to think small. Pack the smallest of toiletries and if necessary buy when you reach your destination. Below you will see the bags that I took with me on my travels. My airline only allowed an 8kg limit on carry on baggage (whereas usually it is around 10kg) however, I didn’t fancy carrying around 10kg on my back so I settled for 8. My larger leather holdall held all of my clothing, shoes and toiletries etc. and I even managed to fit in the smaller bag you see in the picture.

20130812-164414.jpgHope you have a lovely trip

Much Love




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