Armchair Mountaineer

So this amazing little adventure disguised as a book has been by my side for about a week and a half, unable to tear it from my clutches, it really is a story of epic proportions. First of all I admire the fact that Conefrey focuses on the fact that the ascent of Everest was most definitely a team effort. He not only focuses on the team, he focuses on the individuals giving the back story of how they got there.

If anything this is an inspiring true life story of the most humble of men. It really did surprise me that not a single one of the team were egotistical or fame hungry in fact I adored that the one simple reason for their ascent on Everest was for the love of their sport. Chapter 10 is particularly moving as it provides the account of the courageous ascent up to the summit.

The latter part of the book shows the corruption that entwined the heroic tale when others interpret the story to fit their beliefs. Conefrey has obviously done his reasearch as he gives the account of how the whole ascent started tying in the 1951 reconnaissance and the pre war attempts of Everest, even going into detail surrounding the Swiss attempts. The fact that the book doesn’t cut off after the final steps are recounted allows for a well-rounded tale that not only intrigues but leaves you with strong feelings of disgust as the way pride takes over such a spectacular feet for man kind. But the final point the story makes is that the climbers remained humble throughout the ascent and through the following press trail. 5***** for the Epic tale which leaves you hooked on adventure.IMG_1369IMG_1370IMG_1372


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