Dancing On The Clouds of My Mind IV

6a00d8341c86d053ef0167666e069a970b-500wi 29131621 tumblr_m5vbv97gGn1r72t2to1_500 hana-soukupova1


Stradun Autumn-in-New-England 4a0447e0ddd462d7_fox8 autu practical-magic-victorian-greenhouse-side MARILYN-MONROE-NEW-YORK-1954-1-C32809Welcome to the magical little world that I create within my head. This is pretty much how I will be thinking throughout the Autumn months. I’m one of those people that is prepared for the season ahead I like to call it fashion brain because they’re always seasons even years ahead of the rest of the world. People can try their hardest to try and demean your life dreams but because you have created such a magic within your own head it drives your to aspire even higher and more extravagantly. That’s about it for now

much love




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