So I Ventured Into The Moonshine Jungle




(Photographs by: Jasmine Baggott)

Talk about slacking I haven’t written a blog post for about two weeks, anyway I’m back. So at the weekend I finally got to the most beautiful man on earth perform just 6 feet away from me. That’s right Bruno Mars was performing. I’ve had these tickets for months and was about to burst with excitement as the day arrived.

All I have to say is it was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. I just love a concert with huge pyrotechnics, music so loud it can burst your eardrums and of course getting to the front of the huge crowd. When I realized that I was in fact at the front it took a little time to sink in haha but, when those beautiful golden palm curtains fell and Bruno appeared his voice was heavenly (beginning to sound strange haha).

He didn’t disappoint and I know I’ll definitely be seeing him in concert again. Now back to finishing my long day of studying and praying I can be back in that concert. Have a nice night/day,

Much Love





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