Beautiful Things Don’t Demand Attention – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Review)

secret_life_of_walter_mitty_ver4 secret-life-of-walter-mitty-plane-poster the-secret-life-of-walter-mitty-teaser-skateboarding-iceland

First of all I have to say what a beautiful film this was and how spectacular the scenes were. I had been waiting for this movie to hit the theatres for months and I can safely say that it did not disappoint. I was familiar with who Walter Mitty was (a fictional character from a short story) however, the depth to which his life was explored in this movie was spectacular. It was so inspiring to see him finally get a grasp on the kind of life he wanted. All I have ever wanted to do was see the world and it seems that was all he wanted and alas he did it.

Ben Stiller surpassed himself in this movie both from an acting and directorial perspective. Taking a topic of wanderlust, that has been a topic ventured into but not wholly explored in Cinema more in Television (through my opinion) he made an adventure for the mind, created from a short story a visual masterpiece that sends your mind on an adventure. All I wanted to do when I left the cinema was jump on a plane and fly to a far off land (mind you I always want to do that haha). Overall, 5***** from me.

P.S. The soundtrack was amazing especially Of Monsters and Men


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