I want to live not just survive: Divergent movie review

DIVERGENTFirst of all don’t go into the movie thinking its going to be like every other trilogy or franchise out there. No comparisons with twilight please! because then you obviously haven’t read the book. If you like a not too soppy approach to the future then this is the film for you.
         It can’t be argued otherwise Tris is a strong female lead  forced to chose between blood and faction whilst still finding herself but, even at the age of sixteen she seems so much more than a child leaving her family home. She is pushed to the limits in order to live a life that is by no means easy. This film portrays a more realistic approach to the future, gang warfare forced into a way of life based on your strengths and weaknesses and those who stand out among others are treated as a threat to the system.
        In comparison to the book there is a few scenes missing however I do appreciate how they tie in the important aspects of those scenes into other parts of the movie. If you actually go to watch the movie you will see the awesome tattoo device, which doesn’t exactly look like it could give you a tattoo (perhaps a temporary one) but still apparently does. I think this is an invention worth buying into in 2014 instead of the post apocalyptic future (just a thought).
         You can’t watch the movie or read the book without getting excited about the giant zip line that seems to span through most of distopian Chicago. I found myself smiling when she was flying down the wire it looked like such fun and for us adrenaline junkies perhaps one of those should be built some time soon. Speaking of adrenaline the film is basically one big rush of the stuff it’s very intense but there is no confusing story lines making you think what the hell am I watching. I would just like to say bravo to Veronica Roth creating this masterpiece of a book at the age of just 21.
         I think the love story between Tris and Four is handled extremely well because there’s love but it’s not all a whirlwind romance that would probably leave the audience yawning at this point. They are two very strong characters and their relationship is more of a realistic one. Four himself is not your average leading male role, he’s mysterious, strong and brave but still very human as his name is based on his four fears. The movie tells his story well, it isn’t shrouded in mystery and it’s hinted at throughout the whole film up until the point where you say “ooh I get it now” and all the dots connect.
         There’s no supernatural aspect which in my opinion is a refreshing feature to the movie and book franchise.
         Needless to say I’m hooked to the books and can’t wait to buy allegiant, and I am also on the waiting list for Four: A Divergent Story at my favourite bookstore.

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