Process Halfway Complete… Smile!

I had such a awesome day yesterday I swear I always go to theme parks on a sunday. We beat most of the queues so time wasn’t really an issue.

Alton Towers has always been one of my favs and it is always good to go with amazingly lovely people. I finally got to go on The Smiler! 14 loops and all but really all I can say is wow this thing is a beast!

The whole concept I think is creepily awesome haha and the tricks and treats that are encompassed in the ride. I do have to say that the theme song gets embedded in your brain on a loop and I couldn’t imagine waiting in that queue for 3 hours.

photo copy 2 photo copy

It’s a place of whimsical and wonder with a bit of history and that suits me down to the ground love love love this place.


I love the fact that random guy decided to photo bomb.

photo copy 3




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