I saw the Alchemist, he gave me some potions to try

Hi Lovlies, 

I went to visit the alchemist last night and boy was I in for a big surprise, the amount of cocktails they have to offer is way too tempting and not trying at least nine would have been a crime. Needless to say we had an awesome night with a selection to enjoy and they were divine.

I have to admit a cocktail is my favourite drink of choice because you can mix and match and generally not face any terrible consequences.

It was my first time in The Alchemist bar in Manchester, England and I have to say I have fallen in love. The whole vibe was relaxed which suited me down to a t and the somber lighting presented the perfect backdrop for hearty conversation. At first we sat outside which for a moment felt like summer as the heat lamps blazed and the sun bid farewell to the night.

The type of people to grace the bar are also very eclectic. I loved their style! I think it was the fashion district we stumbled upon. Think The Lumineers style and you’ve got the bar. It was my type of scene I’ll definitely be taking more people to grace it’s presence.



The Colour Changing One


The Summer of Love and The Peanut Butter Colada in the background


The White Choc Raspberry Bakewell


Strawberry Mojito


Cereal Killer


The Metropolitan Girl


Long Island Ice Tea


Passion Martini


Barrel Age Corpse Reviver


Bubblegum Mojito


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