Better than revenge: The Other Woman Review

the-other-woman-poster Cameron-Diaz-Set-Other-Woman-Pictures

Do you want to giggle to your hearts content? well then I suggest going to see The Other Woman. I have to say this was not one of those movies that I was waiting months to see but I sure am glad I did.

Cameron Diaz has always been one of my favourite actresses and she doesn’t disappoint in this movie. With Leslie Mann and Kate Upton as her supporting actresses it’s one of those rom coms that has you laughing from start to finish. The story line does not drag on which is always a bonus it’s clever and witty and still manages to have heart. It has those unexpected moments throughout one of those would be the ending. If you do go to see this movie make sure you stick around to see it all it’s worth it.

Other famous faces appear in it such as Nicki Minaj and Taylor Kinney (aka eye candy). It provides a new take on a frequently used subject but it doesn’t focus on the heavy subject instead it shows the affects of a woman who has been living a life as a ‘step ford wife’ for too long and when she discovers the secret chooses and very debatable but sweet option.

4**** from me


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