There’s An Air of Possibility in Your Eyes

FLightMy goodness what a crazy couple of weeks which I’m satisfied are finally over! because of course there were many ups (like me passing my drivers test eek! haha) but endless exams can drag you down and often make you procrastinate, I mean come on people I’m only human haha but now I’m ready to set off to one of my favourite places on the planet, Stockholm of course. Ahh how the sea air whisps through the cobbled streets of the old town all while the moonlight hits the water that separates these equally unique islands that make this city so precious, it fills my heart with a warmth. This city is undesirably beautiful and surprisingly calm well its a place of calm for me at least. All those memories to be made. The possibility is happening right in front of your face. So I’m gonna take it.Also, Is it just me, but don’t you just love that feeling you get when you finally reach the airport and you have so many adventures in front of you that a huge smile suddenly appears on your face, no? well anyway thats what makes going to the airport so exciting for me.

Also, I just watched That Awkward Moment film it’s so cute, I love it! haha

Kisses for tonight beauties X


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