Honey I froze the family


My new favourite drink aloe vera







Hi finest,

What a spectacular day Stockholm has offered me today 27 degrees Celsius at one point a crisp sea breeze and endless fun. It’s been a busy day but I love it (I am going to live here in Stockholm one day, I’ve promised myself haha).

First we started the day by getting supplies from the local supermarket and what not but then the fun started. We decided we were going to see what the Fotografiska museum had to offer and although I love photography it wasn’t really my style it was very deep and sometimes disturbing but perhaps some people could relate.

We then tackled the walkway above gondolen which offered a picturesque view with a cool breeze for the pressing heat of the city.

It was then time for one of my favourite places in Stockholm, the ice bar of course. I’m a regular now don’t you know haha. It was my second time to the spectacular ice creation. My drink involved strawberry vodka but I seem to have forgotten the name whoops. Anyway we had such an awesome time and as usual I’ve fallen more in love with Stockholm.


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