Let’s go on a voyage you and I







Evening beautiful you,

Today was action packed and it is official to say Swedish summer has officially arrived and I love it. The sun warms your skin as the sea air breaks the rays force.

We ventured around the whole city and my feet can certainly feel it (not as I’m complaining I completely adore it here). I would say most of our day was spent around Östermalm which Was absolutely breathtaking for those of you who love architecture it’s a divine place.

We decided after much confusion that we were going to take a trip on the Östana on a voyage around the archipelagos which proved to be the best option. We manage dot score seats around the outer deck because my my there were few on this vintage vessel. This was the perfect place for taking beautiful photographs of the many holiday homes I wish I had haha, a girl can dream.

I’ve decided I really need to learn how to drive a speedboat because there is just something about the sea that’s calms me. I’m sure many of you can relate?

I see so many city bikes that it makes me pine to want one perhaps I will buy one when I move to Stockholm. I also spotted this super cool car in the VW showcase I just had to take a snap.

Night night finest x


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