Hitching a Ride

Well today was rather a roller coaster of a day an exciting one at that. It was technically let’s be a stereotypical tourist day which slowly turned into getting a free ride from 50 strangers and touring as many galleries and museums my feet would take.

So this morning started off early and I was on the train by 9:40. We decided we wanted to explore the Artipelag which is some 20km away from Stockholm itself so naturally we searched for aide of transportation to get us there which turned into a very confusing situation ending with us having a free ride upon a coach tour full of lovely swedes. Anyway we eventually got to the gallery which was spectacular and am extreme dose of culture for me. A definite recommendation from me go visit take in some culture.

Then we hoped on the public bus taking us back to central terminalen and made our way to Djurgården where the awesome vasa museum is situated. Well this was an extremely spectacular sight for the eyes the 333 year old ship sits dead centre in the museum surrounded by a cool breeze to preserve it in its entirety it was like nothing else I’ve ever seen a scene from a Disney movie Pirates of the Caribbean maybe haha.

We then toured a few local galleries full of sculptures and art exhibitions and we even fitted in time for a 30 minute stop at the aquarium near vasa museum. An extremely busy day indeed my feet can feel it but I cannot wait for tomorrow’s adventures. Shopping? Maybe haha

Good night lovelies















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